A.T.R. (Adjustable Thumb Rest)

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The Precision Rifle A.T.R (Adjustable Thumb Rest) is an arca mounted, fully ambidextrous and adjustable "gas pedal" for your precision rifle. Intended for shooters that use stocks instead of a chassis that doesn't have anywhere to mount other thumb rests on the market. It will fit Foundation and Manners stocks as well as any chassis with arca rails. It will include a spacer for stocks with wide forends. 

A.T.R.s are expected to be available by 12/10/20.

(Note 1): Final product will be anodized all black, and all hardware will be flush)

(Note 2): Fitment: The A.T.R. without the spacer will accommodate ~2.1" wide forend (Foundation Exodus is 2.07" and is the stock the A.T.R. was built around). Chassis/stocks with an overall width of less than 2" will have a small gap between the thumb rest plate and the chassis. Forends significantly wider than 2" will require use of the spacer (included). This means, with the spacer, the A.T.R. will accommodated stocks up to 2.6" wide (Foundation MG1/MG2/Cent). If your using the spacer and your stock is narrower than 2.6" there may be a small gap between the stock and the thumb rest plate depending on how much narrower.